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People today are facing a rapidly changing world and church, easily influenced by the world views that permeate our society and the media we all consume at unprecedented rates. 
Sanctified exists to challenge, equip and support the body in facing this changing world through dynamic worship, biblically based teaching, authentic fellowship and honest conversation on the difficult subjects we all face in this post-modern, over-politically correct society.
Sanctified meets each Sunday night at 6:30pm in the church sanctuary.  We have a rotating service type including testimonies, worship and prayer nights, fellowship dinner nights and more.  Come check us out to find out more!
(PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19 Sanctified  does not meet in person and is currently on hiatus.)
For further information or to inquire about how to volunteer to be a part of this ministry, please call the church office at (310)325-0373 or email us –
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